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DVD Catalyst Newsletter 132 - 11-29-13 - Black Friday

This is a discussion on DVD Catalyst Newsletter 132 - 11-29-13 - Black Friday within the DVD Catalyst forums, part of the Supporting Vendors category; Hi, Thank you for reading DVD Catalyst Newsletter 132. This newsletter is a bit shorter than usual. Due to some database server issues, I lost ...

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    DVD Catalyst Newsletter 132 - 11-29-13 - Black Friday


    Thank you for reading DVD Catalyst Newsletter 132.

    This newsletter is a bit shorter than usual. Due to some database server issues, I lost the draft-version of the newsletter, leaving me with an empty slate now on Friday morning.

    The week itself has been quite a battle already with Thanksgiving preparations, but we also had a nuclear test for the wife on Monday taking most of the day, and I spent the entire Wednesday afternoon in a phone-store to attempt to get her a replacement phone for her dead Electrify.

    Lets start with this weeks tech news:

    Tech News:

    Today is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which is commonly associated with super sales. By now most of the deals are likely gone, but this coming Monday is "Cyber Monday", similar to today, but then for online-purchases.

    Just about any store with a large online presence participates, and many big ones like Amazon run "flash sales", where the price is so low that they are sold out in a matter of seconds Check your favorite retailer for upcoming sales, or check their Facebook or Twitter to stay informed.


    With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, tablets are this years most popular gifts. If it is a child-tablet such as the Nabi or InnoTab, a work-oriended one such as the Galaxy Note 10.1 or one for media-consumption and reading such as the Kindle Fire and HOOK HD, a tablet is the perfect gift for many.

    If you have been nice this year and asked Santa for a tablet, while waiting for him to bring it to you, you can already get prepared for Christmas Morning.

    Below a collection of guides for this years most popular tablets that explain how you can put your own movies on it.

    Best of all, the movies you convert yourself will actually work on most devices. While there are some differences, if you use DVD Catalyst to convert your movies, the videos will play on all the Apple and Android tablets without any hassle. If you purchase movies through iTunes, they will only work on iPads and can not be used on an Android tablet. With movies picked up through Google Play, its the same, they will not work on Apple devices.

    Here are the guides:

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD:

    Amazon Kindle Fire HDX:

    Apple iPad Air:

    Apple iPad Mini:

    Asus Nexus 7:

    Barnes & Noble NOOK HD:

    Fuhu Nabi2:

    Samsung Galaxy Note:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab:

    VTech InnoTab:

    For more device guides, have a look here: https://www.tools4movies.com/devices/


    Social Holiday:

    This year, we decided to not go to any of the Black Friday sales. Last year, my wife did end up going, but things (not with her) got violent with 2 people fighting over a video game, and with her health the way it is, it just wasn't a good idea. On top of that, the sales that we were considering were actually at 6pm on Thanksgiving, at the same time we always start with the family meal.

    With Twitter and Facebook, it is easy to stay "connected" to friends and family, but it also keeps people away from each other physically. It is commonly referred to as "Social Networks" but for me the word social has a different meaning.

    I've never been much of a social bug, but during the holidays, I take special effort to be more "social" with the family. Sitting around the same table, listening to the same old stories and jokes and playing a family game such as Outburst.

    With my own family being on the other side of the planet, it takes me a little while to get into it, but usually after enduring it for an hour or so, a switch flips in my head and things go better from there.

    This year we had a new entry in the family, the son brought his new girlfriend, and I don't know if it was just because she felt like she "had to" be there, but she spent the entire time on the couch texting and facebooking her friends. We tried to drag her into everything a bit more, but after a few minutes, the phone ended up being her best companion again.

    Galaxy Note 3 Week 7:

    I haven't been able to get the review up, but, like the previous weeks, I'd like to share my experiences with the Galaxy Note 3.

    As mentioned at the top, this week my wife had a long medical test on Monday and I experienced an extremely long wait Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully on both occasions, I had my trusty Galaxy Note 3 with me.

    Out of precaution, I loaded the Kindle app with a few eBooks when I first got the Note 3, and throughout the weeks, it has been a lifesaver for me. With it being Flu season, I've been playing cab driver, taking family members to doc appointments, and sitting there waiting with something to do helps pass the time. Especially this week, unexpectedly, I ended up putting a lot of time into reading, and the Note 3 holds up perfectly.

    Before the Note 3 I used to use an eInk reader because it is easier on the eyes. Even with newer devices such as the NOOK HD and the Kindle Fire HD, looking at the screen while reading for longer periods of time induces headaches and what I call Migraine lines. With stuff moving on-screen like games and movies, I don't experience that.

    On the Note 3, I have the Kindle app set to white text on a black background, and the screen brightness to about 1/3rd, and it works well. This week alone, I finished 1 1/2 Star Wars books from the Thrawn Trilogy.


    With Thanksgiving past, its time again to put up the Christmas lights. Not something I'm looking forward to, but this weekend, I'll be digging through the shed to find all the Christmas stuff and try and figure out where and how to put it all up.
    Last year we decorated the big tree in the yard with about 60 4x6 nets, but it put a big strain on the power outlets, so this year we are doing it a bit different. How different I don't know yet though.

    Anyway that is it for Newsletter 132. Have a great weekend and see you next week.



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    Happy Holidays!
    Like you, i did not go shopping Friday. Saturday i did put up lights.
    Looking forward to seeing family this year, and being 'surprised' Christmas morning.
    Good luck with the database, and thanks for the news letters.


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