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[HOW TO] Add a second phone line (Android device) using Sipdroid and Google Voice

This is a discussion on [HOW TO] Add a second phone line (Android device) using Sipdroid and Google Voice within the Motorola Xoom Apps forums, part of the Motorola Xoom Forum category; So this may seem fairly useless to some, but maybe others can see different uses for it. I travel around the world A LOT for ...

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    [HOW TO] Add a second phone line (Android device) using Sipdroid and Google Voice

    So this may seem fairly useless to some, but maybe others can see different uses for it. I travel around the world A LOT for my job (it's not really as nice as it sounds, I'm usually in crap-holes) and I've been using Sipdroid and Google Voice for a while to make/receive phone calls on my phone to/from the states when in wifi range for quite a while. I wanted to see if I could add my Xoom to the same account and couldn't find anything on here describing how to do it, so after figuring it out, I figured I'd let others know. At the end of this, when someone calls my Google Voice number, both my phone and my Xoom ring (assuming they're in wifi range), and I can answer the call with either or make calls with either. Before heading overseas, I also forward all my cell phone calls to my Google number, with the same result. Here's what I did:

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a PBX/Sipdroid/programming/etc... expert, I just figure I can do anything I want with my electronics if I search around on the web/experiment enough.

    1: Login to PBXes.org with your account you created the FIRST time you used Sipdroid/Google Voice (check out the thread [HOW TO] Sipdroid etc... if you haven't got that far).

    2: Click "Extensions" on the left. You should see "Add Extension" and something like "Sipdroid <200>" appear below it. Click "Add Extension" and "SIP". Put a different extension number in the box than the one you already have. I already had 200 as an extension, so I picked 300 for the new one. For Display Name, I just used "Sipdroid" again. Input a password too, I just used the same password throughout. Click "Submit" at the bottom and "Apply" when the red banner pops up. You should now have something like "Sipdroid <300>" appear under "Extensions" on the left.

    3: Now we create a Ring Group so both extensions ring at the same time. Click "Ring Groups" on the left and "Add Ring Group". Group number should be 1 at this point and strategy should be "ringall" for this example. In the extensions box, put both extensions one under the other. So in my case I put "200" then "300" on the next line down. It also made me put in a "ring time", so I just put 60 since that was the max, Google Voice voicemail will pick up way before that. Click "Submit" and "Apply" as before.

    4: Now we apply the Ring Group. Click "Inbound Routing" on the left. I had a route called "/" already there, so I clicked that one. Under "Regular Hours" I selected "Ring Group" and <1>. "Force regular hours" was already selected for me at the bottom, but if it's not for you, I would assume you need to do so. "Submit" and "Apply" again.

    5: Now make sure you have the "Sipdroid" and "Google Voice" apps installed on your Xoom, and GV is set up. Open Sipdroid and go to settings. Select "SIP Account". Select "Authorization Username" and type in <YourGoogleAcountName> - <NewExtensionNumber>. So if your e-mail is JoeBagOfDoughnuts@gmail.com, and the new extension you just created was 300, your Username in this case would be "JoeBagOfDoughnuts-300". Click OK then go to password and enter the password you selected for the new extension. Back out of everything and you should now have a green dot at the bottom of your screen saying Sipdroid is good! If it's red, something is messed up, if it's not there, you're not connected to the internet. And FYI, if you have a 3G data plan, this SHOULD work there too (not sure about that, but my phone Sipdroid works fine on 3G).

    That's it! Like I said, I'm no expert on this stuff, this is just what worked for me. Good luck!

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