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The prescribed fixes don't work. Nothing high quality plays. No Hardware mode.

This is a discussion on The prescribed fixes don't work. Nothing high quality plays. No Hardware mode. within the Motorola Xoom Video forums, part of the Motorola Xoom Extras category; Originally Posted by dogart howdy. Did a search and found this thread which basically mentions the same issues that I am having. 720p movies play ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogart View Post
    Did a search and found this thread which basically mentions the same issues that I am having.
    720p movies play fine no issues at all. But 1080p.BlueRay.x264.mp4 movies don't do well.
    Thes sound plays for 5 sec then drops out for 5 sec, as well as the movie being very jerking.

    I have done what was suggested above and deleted all the movie players that I have downloaded.
    MXplayer is the only one that seems to play everything else that I have and I kept that one.
    I downloaded the MXplayer Codec ARM v7 as well. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.
    Might delete that as well and see what happens.

    Must say I'm a noob at this stuff and would appreciate some help.

    Hi Dogart,

    Welcome to the forums.

    You will need to convert your 1080p movies in order to make them work.

    There are 2 "internal" ways of video playback on Android devices, hardware decoding and software decoding.

    * The hardware decoding method uses a special portion of the processor specifically created for video playback, and this enables even older devices such as the Xoom to play 1080p videos. Unfortunately, the video files will need to be fully compatible with the specifications of the chip in order to play properly.

    * The software decoding method uses a different part of the processor by means of codecs build into the application you use for video playback (MX Player, Dice Player, MX Player, Rock Player all use "ffmpeg" for this). The codecs add support for lots of other formats and codec variations so you can almost play everything with them.

    The problem is that your video was created with settings not compatible with the hardware, and when played in software decoding mode, the processor of the Xoom just isn't powerful enough to do the playback of the video AND the scaling of 1080p down to fit on the Xooms 1280x800 screen. Your 720p videos, since they don't require the screen scaling, will play better than the 1080p.

    With newer tablets/smartphones, ones that use the Tegra 4 or the Snapdragon 800, 1080p playback in software decoding is possible, but, since the processor is fully taxed when used for software decoding playback, battery-life of the device will be considerably less as well.

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